Do I have a password for Wi-Fi. I have a visitor trying to get on it.?

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Re: How can someone visiting me use my wireless connection?

If your router is hidden and secured, he/she will have to create a new connection manually with the settings you provide. What OS are we talking about here?

A couple of things to keep in mind:

If you let he/she on your network, she's behind your firewall and can at your other systems directly unless they are also protected with software firewalls.When configuring a secured connection on someone else's computer, you have to provide a WPA passphrase (or WEP key). Make sure you provide the password and type it

rather than giving it to he/she, even if you do trust her. Never, ever give out your WPA passphrase, and if someone else finds it out, change it.Once the connection is configured, she can access your network at any time (assuming she's in range).If you are also using MAC filtering on your router, you will need to either disable it or add her wireless adapter's MAC address to the list.

An alternative that doesn't require a wireless connection is to just use an ethernet cable, if she's fairly close to the router when she visits.

If the visitor gets a pop-up saying that a password is needed, then you have a password.

If you have not changed the default password it will be printed on a label on the back or bottom of your router.

How do we know if you have a pass phrase on your WiFi. Assuming it's your WiFi from your router then the WiFi configuration is your responsibility.