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I just bpught an HP slimline desktop as a Christmas present for my cousin. And I know he won't be able to use DSL, does the computer come with wifi capabilities?

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Nearly all modern computer come with WiFi. Without an Internet service, he won't be able to use it to get to the Internet unless he only uses the laptop at Starbucks or other places where WiFi Internet access is free. Or if someone close by in his neighborhood has a Comcast router that offers free "xfinitwifi" service.
John R:
It depends on the exact model – some do, some don't. But wifi is just a wireless local network – it does not automaticly connect to the internet. He'd still have to have some type of internet connection (like DSL) to his wifi router, or a phone that supports a hot spot function.
If your cousin doesn't have a DSL internet connection then how will he connect via WiFi to a network that doesn't exist? Not all Slimline machines come with built-in wireless…most do but there is at least one configuration I know of that does not.
If he doesn't have internet, then no!