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hello i am student in software engineering but i have a question do game or web designer require to learn coding.As i love designing but hate programming because i cant understand any part of it???

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A person can be a "game designer" by writing down the concept of a game in English (or other natural language) and can also possible sketch out scenery and then have meetings with programmers.

But such a person should NOT be a software engineering student.

Some games can be created using game engines without traditional programming, but such games would be limited.

You should keep in mind that no new video games are actually needed.

Web designers can do similar things and have other people do the programming. These would be people involved in the artistic concept only. A programmer can make such a design work even if they don't really have any artistic talent.

If that's what you want to do, you should be in an art class.

Game Devs do not naturally have to know code, but there has to be a team mate or a group of coders to code the game specifics (ex: AI, Collision, Triggers). My part in any game dev has always been world building and/or environmental design. This is all done using visual simulations (smoke, fire, sunlight, shadows, etc). There is no coding needed, but most times there are node modules used (which are just precomposed codes) with instructions for said effects. 99% of the time all i do is model. I turn basic shapes into non-basic shapes (lol). I am still considered a game dev.

Now as for web design, you do not necessarily have to know HTML to create a website. There are workarounds, like WYSIWYG web editors. Not many designers use them though. If i wanted to create a website, i would use a program that makes it easy to do and have it up and running in no time OR if i had the time, i would make one using HTML and such. Most times, HTML knowledge is needed to create a website.

"Designer" is just a Gen Y buzzword for artist. No, they do not do coding.

That is why the jobs pay very little. Go to any salary estimator (not one owned by a school) and check for yourself.

You're in software engineering and you don't want to learn programming?

Seriously though, if you are having trouble with it, ask your teacher. It may be confusing at first, but it should make perfect sense once you understand it.

Mr Answer:
Yes, I suggest working with a programmer and sharing your ideas with them.