Do cell phones have IP addresses when texting?

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Just a regular old cell phone, for just calling and texting, do they have IP addresses when texting?

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They use a different technology that operates in a similar manner. The phone numbers of the sender and receiver are used instead of IP numbers. The actual signal ID is based on the phone's internal ID numbers, which are directly tied to a specific telephone number in the phone system computers. Where a computer uses an IP number that is directly related to the internal model number in the computer.
Robert J:

Phone calls and SMS texts are sent through the cellular phone system, which does not use IP addresses.

Texts are actually sent through the supervisory data channel, the data link that the phone uses to identify itself to a cell and coordinates cell changes etc.

That system is totally separate from the internet; the device identification is from the IMEI and SIM card identity, which allow the network to route incoming calls to the correct cell tower.

Smartphones get an IP when they have a data plan or when they're connected to Wifi. If data is disabled (or not available) and it's not on wifi, then there is no IP address. if it's an old "dumb" phone, then odds are there's no IP.
When you connect over data (4G, LTE, whatever), the IP address comes from your phone company. When you connect over WiFi, you get an IP address from the WiFi access points.

So…texting is passed through your provider unless you're using an app like Whatsapp or other web-based app.

G4 phones – depends how you send the message
you can send it via the telephone connection (no IP address) or internet connection (IP address)

G3 phones – no
they only send via the phone connection

Ip is used when you connect to the internet.
so when texting or make a call, they use IMEI number and your phone Number and Cellular signal (2G,3G,4G)
All phones have IP addresses, yes. Idk what "when texting" means. Can the person you are texting track down your IP address? No, they cant. Not unless they have mad hacking skills.