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i watched a video of a black man reacting to white kid videos,and he had a really disgusted face while watching it.
So do they hate white people and white children?

Other answer:

Hatred is an individual thing. Each person hates whatever or whomever he or she decides to hate. It's unfair to group people by race when it comes to people who hate.

Also, affinity may often be erroneously categorized by folks of different ilks as hatred. A person may have an affinity towards people of his or her own race (not definitive, just a possibility), but that does not mean that he or she hates people of other races.

There are so many factors involved when it comes to black/white race relations in the U.S. History, economics, personal interracial experiences, lies told by the media, perceived inequalities, religion, and all that sort of subjective and objective stuff.

Even the wording and assumptions of questions like the one that you've asked here speak to the problems in the U.S. between "whites" and "blacks".

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A link to the video that inspired this question would be helpful.

Don't make assumptions about hundreds of millions of people based on the reactions of one.
No they should not do it this is wrong infect they love with each other.