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Basically I want a complete list of merits and demerits of both desktop and laptop

Other answer:

Laptop is a portable computer, sort of hinted by the name laptop, as in small enough to be used on the lap.

A desktop is a computer again hinted in the name that they sit on a desk.

Usually desktops are more expandable vs laptops & pack more power, but for most these days a laptop is just fine enough & can be used pretty much everywhere.

Even today, that line between them are blurred as many laptops can fit the desktop role just fine.

I have a surface Pro 4 connected to 3 x 24" LCD Monitors, and wireless mouse & Keyboard. Pretty nice Desktop. Remove 2 plugs and I'm on the go.

Laptops are for the laps
Desktops are for the desks
desktop is good if you wanna work from home all them time and like the bigger screen + if you are a serious gamer. laptop is better if you need to take it to work or like working in different environments + better bc you can take it with you wherever you want.
A laptop has the keyboard, screen and CPU housed in a single unit.