Did Steve Jobs invent the computer itself?

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or did he just invent the FIRST personal computers for individuals/people?

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Steve Jobs was not involved with the design of early computers, and in fact had rudimentary electronics expertise.  Steve Wozniak designed the original Apple computer, and a couple of hundred were sold from July 1976 to about the following May.  They were actually incomplete, effectively disqualifying them, and too few to make any impact.

The Apple II, which included a case, power supply, and keyboard, was sold from June 1977.

Chuck Peddle's Commodore PET 2001, introduced at the June 1977 CES, was a complete system that included keyboard, monitor, and cassette mass storage, which outsold the Apple II for about two years.  It probably qualifies as the first personal computer.

The original TRS-80, available from Dec. 1977, was functionally quite similar to the PET, but had a better keyboard and a separate monitor.  It greatly outsold the Apple computer, but could not legally be used in residential settings due to the sometimes severe electromagnetic interference produced.  For that reason, it was discontinued after exactly three years.

Radio Shack invented the first personal computer then apple.
Neither. He was one of many individuals and research labs whose developments led to the modern personal computers. He was largely responsible for the Apple brand, but there were many others also working on equivalent devices.
Karac Newland:
no .

the first computer u may consider would have been the ENIAC, its designers were John Mauchly & J. Presper Eckert. it was introduced in I believe 1946.

Why don't you Google "Steve Jobs" and find out for yourself !!!