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I am shopping for a new laptop, I currently have the Sony Vaio for 6 years, I love it, but it is running slow now. I am looking for a durable and reliable laptop that will last me years like my Sony. I am looking at Dell, Asus and HP. mainly Dell and Asus. which is better in built quality, durability and reliability?

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HP makes solid laptops but if you can afford it get a Lenovo ThinkPad. Dell and Asus are okay but I wouldn't recommend them.
Andy L:
Brand name is the worst way to understand laptops.
Old laptops were expensive. There is some relationship between cost and quality.
Laptops are subcontracted to companies in China and the brand is who you buy it from and who has the service if you need it.…

You can only guess by reviews of exact models which is best and use performance and features.
Most issues are actually software related. The brand selling the most cheap laptops generally averages the lowest in reliability.…
HP, Dell, and Asus now are the lowest in average quality.
Asus is the best of the three. They sell the lowest number of very cheap laptops.

Dell,inspiron any series