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Would you delete your Facebook permanently? And if so what site would most likely use?

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Hiedi: I deleted my Facebook account. I saw many trolls and scammers on Facebook. Many people post uninteresting photos on Facebook. Some people like to abuse. You can use twitter, tumblr, xyrlo, monds, ello, ifsoft social network…

Other answer:

It's impossible to delete your Facebook account since Facebook keeps everything on it's servers, even when you delete your account. Your account will simply be locked and stored somewhere else.
No I would not gonna delete Facebook forever coz I liked it.
I have only one Facebook account so,i never thought to delete it.But if any time need remove my fb account i will do it and then i use Twitter.
If i didn't need it for work, I'd delete them all. Facebook and all social platforms are just time dumps.
sammi babe b:
I recently deleted mine. "Social" media has made people anti social,they rather like your pics then assosicate in real life with you. And those "friends" on Fb are actually nosey people who are just there to look for something to gossip about or lurk just to hope your not better than them. I personally don't like fb anymore
I, personally, find twitter alot more interesting. Deactivated my facebook a long time ago.