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I have a pretty good i-5 intel with 64 but windows 10 and 403gb of free disk space but I can't run any games because I have a horrible graphics card. I'm looking for a affordable card with decent output.

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Dack Bandriff: If your PSU provides enough power and you are willing to go with a used card. You should be able the find a GeForce GTX 760 4GB for that price without too much difficulty. If you are patient and snipe bid. You can even pick up a GTX 770 4GB for very close to $100. Usually they go closer to $130 but occasionally they are a steal at $100.

If it must be new. Even the much slower GTX 750 is a little over a $100. If you were able to spend that you'd be better off with a Radeon Rx 460 2GB.

With a hard limit of $100. The absolute fastest you will find is a Radeon R7 360 2GB.

Personally I'd go the used route if you have the PSU. You'll get more for the money. Even without the PSU. You could pick up a used GTX 760 2GB for under $75 and a used 80 plus 450w or higher PSU for $25 from a good brand like Corsair or EVGA.

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Dack Bandriff:
Either a GTX 750 or Radeon R7 260X/360 . Nvidia just came out with the GTX 1050, It's a bit more than $100, but offers performance on par with the GTX 960. . If I were you I'd save up until you get around $225. Buying low end stuff just means you have to replace it sooner. The best bang for the buck is around the $250-$300 price range. There's not much value when it comes to low end GPUs. Look at it this way, why buy a $95 video card when you can nearly double the performance for around $40 more? To me that's a no brainier.

This video explains the point I'm trying to make here…

Your not going to find one at that price.
Look at the games you want to play and see what they require. That will be your guide for a Video Card.
Your looking at $300 + for a good one.
Not going to get a good one at that price. Save up and get something around the the 300-400$ price range.