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Why do I experience more signal downstairs in the basement? I kinda rarely have fast Internet speed when im upstairs, I also noticed that when im upstairs I see more Wifi Networks pop up on my laptop and when im downstairs I see way less Networks (btw when im downstairs im closer to the gateway I have just curious :).)
I ment Wifi sorry

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Manny: You should have known the answer already. Being closer to the gateway or router makes the signal stronger for your own Wifi and since the basement is more closed and isolated, it receives less signal from neighboring Wifi hotspots. Upstairs is more open and accessible to other Wifi hotspots so you can see more of them but since it's further away from your router, your own signal is weak.

If you use Wifi regularly upstairs, move your router there. Beware though. You already know about seeing more hotspots from there so secure your router with difficult passwords to be sure no one else can use your router besides yourself.

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You answered your own question really.
"btw when im downstairs im closer to the gateway"

When you are further way from the access point the wifi signal is weaker and transmits at a slower speed to make up for that.

As for seeing more wifi stations upstairs. You are higher up and overlooking your neighbours houses. There are less things like fences to block the signal, so you can pick up wifi points from much further away.

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It's not your Internet.
Dimo J:
The strength of the radio waves decrease with the square of the distance.
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