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i need to start verifying my new emails when a phone number i don't have a phone right now so who ever does it first automatically gets 10 points

Other answer:

From your question, it sounds as though you want somebody to create an email account for you.

Why don't you simply create a new account for yourself, then you can choose your own password and nobody else needs to know what it is. This gives you the best security as nobody else will have access to the account.

As an interim, I have created an email account for you. For security I am not posting the password on this site so I have sent the password to the new account.

You should take the sensible route and allow people to email you securely through this site. You can do this by setting your communication preferences to do that. This will allow the new password to be sent to you securely.

I hope this helps.

Chris P:
No of course we can't do that. Why would be do something that is so clearly illegal on a public web forum?

If you want a new email address, create it yourself.

You don't need to use a phone number. Simply enter another email address you can verify from.
Nobody but a raving lunatic will do that. Not only would it make them as guilty as you of illegal account transfers, as they would sign to agree to terms of service precluding that, but it would make them liable for all your future illegal activity. And compromise their phone.