Could I make money on youtube for drinking out of my toilet?

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A-Theist 🏊:
Yes. Even more money if its someone else's toilet. Hell drink from a 7/11's toilet and you'd prolly be a millionaire in no time. Why stop there? Why not just go all out and eat your poo

…fkn kids lol

80s Face:
Unless you enjoy drinking out of the toilet, I wouldn't recommend it. You're better off making videos for topics that you have a passion for, like trolling atheists. Maybe you'll even surpass ShockOfGod, the legendary keyboard soldier. He's like the "Boss" of us theist keyboard warriors, so you need to become bigger than him as "Big Boss". FACT.
There's no reason why you couldn't. But just so you know, making money on youtube isn't easy, it takes time. You'll need about 100k subs to POTENTIALLY start earning money. And even you do make money it's not worth your health.
Straight Answer for query is Yes as crazy, unnatural, silly, weird things attract many people on youtube.

However if you choose to do some better things it will be nice.

i mean they say anything in life is possible so why not right?
Check out shoenice on YouTube he never got Very rich but he sure got extremely famous. But boy oh boy do you have one hell of a competitor lol
Smokies Hiker:
Probably…but it may be enough money to pay for your hospital visit if things go badly. If it goes really bad, you may have worms crawling out of your eyes! But hey, that could be another moneymaker!
Potentially yes, look at "how to basic" anything is possible if he can get the amount of views he does with his style of videos XD
Of course, I mean I wouldn't but people would probs enjoy it