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if i wanted to downgrade to windows 7 what would the cost be approximately

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Harry: Assuming that you can downgrade to windows 7, you would need to purchase a Windows 7 install disk and the license to go with it. They stopped selling them about 4 years ago, so good luck finding out. Expect to $150 to $200 for the disk and license.

BUT before you buy it, you will want to check and see if there are any drivers available for your PC/laptop for Windows 7. Most computers produced in the last 3 years are NOT compatible with Windows 7. If there are no drivers, then the PC/laptop will never work right, You will have only low resolution video, no sound, poor performance from the CPU and possibly no network card or WIFI to reach the Internet.

Also keep in mind that you can not downgrade a version of Windows. The new one will keep you from being able to install the old version, You will have to delete all partitions on the hard drive, create new ones, format them, and them do a clean install of Win 7. You will lose everything currently on your hard drive.

You really need to think carefully before converting to Win 7. It is no longer being updated, which means it is wide open to hackers, viruses, etc. Unless it is an older computer that originally had Win 7 on it, the odds are very good that it will NOT function properly with Win 7.

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This is the true cost of tampering with a perfectly good computer

If you think you problems are solved by installing W7, then you are sadly mistaken.
W7 will not perform for you as you wish.

1. The system will boot and you will NOT have WiFi or an Ethernet connection – NO WEB ACCESS
2. Without web access you will not be able to download the 400+ updates. Without updates you system resolution will be incorrect and nothing will work properly
3. If you manage to download an ethernet driver (to a flash drive on another computer) then hopefully the installation will then download the 400+ updates, which takes about 7 hours to complete.

Fix the W10 installation you have. Go to the login screen & hold the SHIFT key & click RESTART.
When the system restarts you will be in the RECOVERY mode.
Troubleshoot → Reset your PC
Follow the instructions on the screen


It'll cost whatever the price of the key is. That said, you should be sticking with W10 – might as well get used to the UI because all new machines come with it pre-installed.

The only legit reasons for heading back would be a business critical application which is no longer being developed so is not compatible with W10 (not sure why a business would keep such an app in circulation). Or you've upgraded to W10 on a machine which doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

Aesthetics and aversion to change are not valid reasons for downgrading.

Higgy Baby:
If your machine came with win 10 originally, you should forget 7. If it came with 7 or 8 originally- you may can still go back for free…..but you will need to re-install the OS.

Before you even think about doing that….."try" one of the Ubuntu or Linux Mint flavors. You just might like it.
I tried Ubuntu back in 2008……still using it……and NO issues yet.

Many computer users really don't need windows at all, but they just don't know it. Ubuntu or Mint are more stable and easier to use than any windows ever…..they just do not run some software written for windows without a little extra work. ….and its usually not worth the extra work, when you can run a Linux app that does just as well. More and more games are becoming available for Linux, and now that Steam is here the game world is really changing.

microsoft no longer sells any operating system except windows 10. the only way to get windows 7 is through a private seller on amazon or ebay, or get a cracked version off of a torrent site.
It depends totally on where you buy your Win 7 from. It should cost you in the range of 90 to 130.00 Here is an link for you to look at and get an idea. Amazon isn't the only vendor, this is just a sample for you.…

About$60 on ebay