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I can't seem to have a good connection in games. I know my internet speed is quite good. Is there something wrong with my router?

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Check your IPV6 settings and also IPV4. Is your internet connection password protected? Then that could also be an issue? E.g. how often do you have to provide security details.

Do you also have wifi? If so, there could be a conflict. I also think an ethernet cable is better than wifi in general.

I'd also check if the cable is inserted correctly and not half way through in case you are using a wired connection as opposed to wifi. You can also try to switch off the router unplug the cable and plug it into a different (router) port and into your laptop/pc to see if the issue is being solved.

Make and model of modem and router?

Type of ISP connection (ADSL, cable, satellite or cellular)?

Connection to the games machine (Ethernet or WiFi)?

With the usual spectacular lack of information, I guess you are using ADSL or cable from the ISP and WiFi between the router and your games machine. Change the connection to Ethernet.

Remember, people reading your question are not mind readers. Include ALL relevant facts in your question next time.

I hope this helps.

If you have satellite internet, the only thing you can do is switch to cable. If you already have cable, use an ethernet cable instead of wi-fi.
There's something wrong with your router maybe there's no signal where you live
Don't use the router, plug the cable.