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I just got a new graphics card, the msi gtx 1050 ti, and I installed it right but my computer says my graphics card is the microsoft basic display adapter. I have my monitor plugged into the graphics card and it's working and I have the drivers installed but it says my graphics card isn't there
my power supply can handle it btw

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How about Device Manager? Yellow exclamation mark on the Display adapter shows an error–open that and see if it is a driver problem.
BIOS setting making that new card the primary by making the PCIe slot first?
Some 1050s have all power from the slot, not a cable.
Bill P:
Yep that's Windows, inconsistent and unhelpful to the core. Another reason so many people are dumping it in favour of Linux and Apple Mac. ( I can start my Linux machine, do what I want and close down again, in the time it takes Windows to just start and be ready to do the first job!)
You have to first uninstall the old Intel Driver, then install the Nvidia driver.

You have to download the driver from the Nvidia or manufacturers website. The driver from Windows never works properly.

Recently treated myself to the EVGA GTX 1050ti….got the driver from there web site…..boom…up and running with no prob…..
Right click on your desktop… ….NVidia control panel…..what does it say??….
Did you install the correct driver?