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Black female, 48yy, certified teacher, older with beginning arthritis. Looking for a sit down job. Computer Coding??? How difficult is it? How long would it take?

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There's more ageism, I think, than gender or race bias. If you can learn well enough to qualify for an entry-level position on merit, and get some sort of certification with some accreditation behind it, then it might work.

An entry level coding position will likely be a cut in pay from teaching–at least in public secondary schools near me. (One thing I get to do in semi-retirement is work with SPED kids trying to survive high school algebra.)

Not everyone "gets" the idea of writing code, though. I'm not sure why, but I know there's more than just effort involved. Math skills help, but aren't a guarantee. Being an instrumental musician seems to be almost as good a correlation. The point is that you might want to do some self-learning to see if you like it and to to see if you can excel at it–before plunking down serious cash on formal training.

You don't have to be white, but getting a first-time job (in ANY particular field that is new to you) is almost impossible at 48 — unless you have a connection. For example, it you already work at a company that has an opening.

Meanwhile, if you mean computer programming then say that. Don't call it coding.

However, if you want to start learning to see how you like it, then you can do that regardless. I usually recommend people start with Python.

Neither your skin color, nor your age, nor your gender make any difference when it comes to good programming jobs. You may have problems with arthritis if it is in your hands, because coding is a LOT of typing and repetitive wrist and hand motion. In fact, MANY programmers get carpal tunnel syndrome, so make sure you have an ergonomic keyboard, a comfortable work station, and sometimes a wrist protector also helps.

I don't know what you'll need to do to become certified as a programmer (self-taught, return to college, a tutor, or what), but I do so wish you the very best.

Last three telecoms coders writing software for 3G micro cells , were female and colored
– and you may have noticed an awful lot come in from india all tech'd up..

so lots of oppourtunity…
it's upto you if when you try it, you like it – it is not that difficult, just logical thinking / problem breaking into smaller parts that you then join up as one big one.
Just like making a cup of tea, or cooking a big meal.. .lots of little cooking elements, and each one made of smaller steps.. etc