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I have a Cisco RV130W and I'm trying to login to the admin page. What I'm currently doing is: cmd > ipconfig > entering in the Default Gateway into my browser > entering in cisco/cisco as my username/password.

Best Answer:

dday9: When you first enter the unit after purchase one of the FIRST Screens you see is "CHANGE THE ADMIN PASSWORD!" most smart users will indeed change it!

Worst case, you will have to reset the router to factory defaults.
There is a "Reset' button on the unit. You hold that down (use a pen or pencil) for 15 seconds (at least 10 or more) and the system will be set to "new"settings which will then allow cisco/cisco to be used.
You also have to reset the SSID and Wireless passwords, WAN settings, etc.

Other answer:

Check with whomever set it up. Any IT person with half a brain would have changed the login to something other than the default. They should have emailed/told you the new login credentials.
Should be cisco/cisco. Are you using a wired port?
I assume you mean the router admin password. Did you change it when you set it up? If not the quick guide link I have sent should have the default password.…