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if the microsoft office package is installed on your computer go through these paths.

Windows 10: Start > All apps > Microsoft Office

Windows 8: Swipe up or choose the arrow at the bottom of the Start screen to see a list of all your applications and you'll find word

windows 7: Start > All programs > Microsoft Office

** or go to start and type in Word.

Go to "Applications" then Microsoft Office. Word should be in that folder.

If it's not in the folder, exit the folder and it may be in Applications.

If you're on a Windows computer system, it may be under Program Files

If you're running Windows, press the windows key on the keyboard, or click the start button. Type 'word' (you don't need to click anywhere, it will start searching automatically). Once it finds Word, right click on it for options. Open File Location will show you where it's located, Create Desktop Shortcut will show Word on your desktop, and Pin to Start Menu will make it show when you click start. Once it's opened, you can right-click it in the taskbar below, and pin it to the taskbar so it will always show whether it's open or closed.
Microsoft Word will only be on your computer if you've purchased Microsoft Office.
If you didn't buy it, it's of course not there. Word is not free.

If you have Win 7 click start, type WORD in the search. If you have Word, the Word link will appear

If you have Win 10, click Cortana, in the search type WORD and if you have Word, the Word link will appear

Are you >90 years old?? Haha, should be a shortcut or you can go to the taskbar and look it up. If you computer doesn't come with it then you probably have to go to Microsoft's website and download it there.
If the Word icon is absent from the opening screen, Word ( version) is likely hidden or erased. If your computer has a search capacity, do a DIR W* to locate it in another directory – it should be in Program Files.
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Unfortunately you have to buy and install it on your PC.
Word is not included on most computers these days. To see if it is on yours, press Win key-R and type winword and enter. If Word is on the computer, this will start it.

If it is not on the computer, try the free LibreOffice: