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Riva and Herb:
Open Task Manager, scroll down to where it says Spooler Subsystem app, and right click on it, and click on end task. Then go to start, type troubleshooting, and a window will open up, On the left click view all, and another window will open. Go to printer, click on it, and once the other window opens, click on advanced and then run administrator. Hope it works.
Have you considered that since you felt….OMG….I just have to have windows 10…..the need to see if printer drivers are available from the company that made that printer???….

Windows 10 is still bugged filled / glitch filled….

Argus Tuft:
All the bells and whistles of a new operating system blinded you to the fact that you didn't do your research on what peripherals would be compatible. I suppose a free operating system allows you to spend your money on a new printer!
Mike M 7:
that is the paper saving advantage of windows 10
You probably have to install the printer drivers again.
Oh, good.