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I bought windows xp home edition ( upgrade ) but my system wouldnt work with it for some reason . I spent 100 dollars and cant afford to waist it . Can i take it back or what . I opened the software but never actually used it .

Best Answer:

Dale: if you opened it they will only allow you to exchange it. but you can exchange it for the same thing dont open it and then return it for the money back. I know you can do this because i listened to a walmart employee at the return desk try to explain this to an older lady, who wasnt understanding what he was saying to her. as long as it is unopened you get your money back. so exchange it for an unopened one and return the un opened one.

Other answer:

Once opened …. No.
This is the case with any, repeat ANY developers software – or game.
You're out of luck I'm afraid.

All you can do now is sell it – assuming you didn't ACTIVATE it of course!!

It can't be returned once the box has been opened.
You post…..but never actually used it …..but you also post….. my system wouldn't work with it for some reason ….so you really did use it…..
You bought the upgrade version…..I gather the computer already had windows 95 or windows 98 on it???..