Can you design/program a professional website on a Laptop?

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I'm not going to be designing a website, it's just something I'm wondering.

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Jake H: probably not… get a xeon class server

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Jake H:
Yes you can design a professional Web site on a laptop. Hundreds of my students did that using raw HTML, Dreamweaver, Coffee, etc. Also depending on the function of your web site and speed of your internet you can could dedicate a laptop to be your web server.
A laptop and a desktop are the same…

The only major difference is the box they are in.
and because of the box size, desktops are more expandable and usualy have slightly high internal bus speeds, but the CPU, speed, disk speed and memory size will be far more important than the box.

Sure. Why not? I don't do websites but embedded C (C++, JAVA, C#) on a laptop all the time. In fact I haven't had a desktop in years.
Depends on the laptop performance. 4 core i7 with 16Gb ram and 1Tb hard disk are good enough even for NASA projects 🙂
Yes. As long as its a good laptop.
Of course
Yes. I do it all the time using Windows Notepad or more often Linux kwrite or vi..
with a laptop u can change the world