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You can buy "followers" yes. Problem is they're just numbers, (accounts not connected to actual people). So these accounts won't interact with or share your posts, nor will they buy products if you're selling/ promoting them on there. Some people believe this is good marketing because it makes your page "look" more popular than it really is. Fact is doing this can actually HURT you because of how facebooks' ranking algorithms work. Your posts wont show in page feeds if only a small percentage of your users are interacting with your posts. So you're better to have 1000 likes and 30% of your users liking and sharing your posts than you are to have 10, 000 likes and only 3% of users sharing and liking.

REAL people who start following your page will figure it out too. If you have 10,000 other followers but hardly anyone ever comments or shares anything you're going to look "phony"-and people will unfollow you and never come back.

You can but I do not Recommend it Because they are not Real Followers and if your not Careful you can get your Money Ripped Off
Yes. You can buy me! Just send me $100 and tell me what to do…