Can you become a millionaire by making a free app?

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Luke Watson:
No not really maybe a couple hundred but not a million unless you make a ground breaking app you wont become a millionaire
All you need to do is come up with a adictive game that looks cool, get it trending and put some adds on it an maybe so in app purchases. If you have the time and a little it of cash to get us started have a go not much can go wrong.
Yes, it's possible, but not highly probable. You need to come up with a brand new idea for an app that EVERY one needs or wants, then create the program flawlessly with no bugs or errors that would cause people to quit using your app.

You got that idea yet? Well, until you do, it ain't gonna happen.

Not really, If you giving app for free. how can you become millionaire. but its depend if your idea is unique and people like it too then you will become millionaire. Any thing can happens just believe in yourself.
Make a free app telling everybody HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE !!!
Blorsha Blorshick Feegy Feemibick
It is very much possible. It depends on the nature of the app as well as your reaching out to a large number of people to use it.
i am not sure if u can become a millonaire but u can make huge amount of money .if u r into developing apps then go can learn alot.. you will really enjoy the pleasure when people download your apps..
and imagine what it will be like if your app goes become famous too.. it would be awesome..
I think with revenue from app your can be a millionaire.dont know you will be get enough revenue to be a millionaire.