Can work see what I'm doing if I'm connected to their guest internet via my phone?

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They have a intranet network there so they can monitor what you are doing on your work computer. But if I connect to the guest WiFi from my phone can they still see it ?

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Mr burns:
lol about every business uses "guest" as a free option anyone in the lobby can use it etc.Essentially well technically yes IF they implant a monitor software which I would assume would be extremes and there would be a log of www./websites and the visited websites perhaps xxx adult websites can send a lot of uneccesary spam and viruses to there main frame and they will start to have security concerns this happened to me when I was using my brothers router in our apartment lol.Anyway this is all hypothetical to extremes talk I highly doubt they give a rats about this for the most part its unknown.If you want to do private browsing I suggest using your phone and putting it on satellite mode like checking your bank account info etc everything else is careless.
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Smokies Hiker:
Of course they can. They're responsible for the information that goes through their router/server.
David E:
They can see anything going through the guest internet router so yes.