Can viruses reformat a hard drive?

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If your computer is infected with a virus, formatting or erasing the hard drive and starting over will almost always remove any virus. However, keep in mind if backups of your computer have been made that contain a virus, your computer can be re-infected if not protected by an antivirus program. If other disk in your computer have a virus, or if your computer is connected to an infected computer on your network, your computer could be re-infected if not properly protected.
Years ago when the Internet just began getting popular with the masses there were more viruses that would destroy the data on a hard drive. Most didnt format the drive they just deleted the C:\ tree or deleted the partitions. Back then it was just being a prick but nowadays people want to get more out of their exploits.

Most just contained the line:

deltree /y C:\*.*


fdisk c:

Different type of malware and computer virus may have different effects. Some Virus may corrupt your hard disk drive and creates bad sectors.
a clever virus writer can do anything with your computer

fortunately most clever ones dont bother (cos there is no money in it) – they write viruses to steal info they can sell or use to access your bank accounts, credit cards or get loans in your name

there is no money writing a virus that just f//ks up somebody's computer

Virus is designed by us, human it can do whatever they want it to do.
depends on the maker.
i've encountered a virus that will format the entire hard drive in .bat format with autorun comes with it.
So when u plug any flash drives, the autorun file will make the .bat file automatically running.
yes because the virus are programs and can make instructions on hard drive
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