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i got into a fight with this guy on the internet and he basically said he found out my ip. We were only talking like 30-45 minutes, Could he get into my computer or was he just trying to scare me?

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just trying to scare you, anyone on the internet you contact has your IP, what they can do with it is limited, it tells them the town you live in and your internet provider. If your worried easiest thing is to check if your internet provider uses "dynamic" IP addresses, you should be able to tell on your account page. If so simply turn off your router/modem for half an hour when its back your IP will change, you get issued a new one. Having your IP though doesnt do them any good unless you run servers from home, they cant get on your machine simply by knowing it unless you have things running that let them (like web server or the like) Dont worry its a regular ruse to scare.
It is possible to hack a computer with just the IP address, but to hack you will also need the username, password of the victim and an advanced port Scanner.
You can't "hack" someone with just an IP.

Otherwise any "hacker" could take over any random PC on the internet, just by picking random IP addresses.

If that's the best he can do, you don't have to worry.

BTW, resetting your router usually give you a new IP address on most ISPs.

Actually, your IP address play is Essential role in Hacking. They Trace you through your IP address only.
If they know your ip then all that person needs to do is find a back door through your firewall. From there that person can do a lot of damage.
Robert J:

Your IP address is constantly under attack from random sources, mostly self-spreading malware randomly probing for vulnerable systems.

That's why your firewall and other security are so vital.

If professionally-written malware can not get through, no random wannabe hacker can either..

Nope, I'm a hacker here. An IP adress is extremely worthless. It'll only give your ISP and state. Cities and towns are extremely innacurate.
Website Engineer:
If you have a firewall, antivirus and updated OS, then at least you have a good protection.