Can one create web sites anonymously?

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If you mean through the web site providing server, not really, but you can use a "blind" email address to register it. (IE: a yahoo email account is easily built and yahoo doesn't verify the user info. You can have as many yahoo email accounts as you wish under different names.) As long as you don't list any personal data on the site, its ownership will be as close to anonymous as possible.

If however law enforcement has a need to track you down, they can find you eventually. It requires a court order, but then the web site server will give your registration email address, the email server will give your IP and the IP will lead to your ISP, who will give your personal info. Even working through proxies and VPNs won't stop law enforcement from finding the real source. (contrary to what those trying to sell you those services will say!)

Anyone registering a web site (URL/DNS name) has to provide contact information. Some people put in fake info, but most registrars can check this and disable the account.
There may be other ways, but you don't give a reason why, or why you want to do this…
That said, some registrars, possibly at an additional fee, will mask the contact information, but you still have to tell them what it is.
sure no big deal