Can I use WINDOWS DEFENDER as my only antivirus on my PC? windows 10?

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The Official PlayStation Expert™: Assuming you are careful about what sites you visit and what emails you open, then it's probably OK to just run Win Defender.

99% of avoiding virus infections is user education. DON'T open those dodgy emails. DON'T click on the tempting looking link etc.

If you are the "click on everything" type, you are going to get malware no matter what AV you are running as none of them are 100% effective.

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The Official PlayStation Expert™:
Yes – you can.

Windows defender is an Antimalware, Antivirus, Antispyware & Network inspection multi-function tool.

Like any protection software it doesn't have it all, savvy internet use and a proper firewall will on the network will serve only to aid in protecting your machine.

That said, there are other 3rd party tools which can each out perform Windows Defender in their own specialized fields, AVG for example will yield more granular control over virus protection while Malware Bytes offers Malware Removal and enhanced detection, Peer Blocker is a great tool to protect against Spyware and so on.

It pays to remember that it's a multi-function tool and is a great base (to be built upon) for staying protected while using your machine.

You should only have 1 antivirus. And since you're using windows 10, its fine. Not preferable but do able. On any other os no.
Terry D:
You could, but you would not be getting the best protection. Avast or AVG both have good free antivirus options that are more thorough than WD. Remember if you install a second antivirus to deactivate WD before you crank it up, because you should only have one AV running.
If you are going to rely on Windows Defender as your anti-virus package, you are safest staying away from the Internet.

WD is one of least secure of the AV packages. Putting more than one AV on a computer can seriously reduce the protection that each package can offer on its own. Certain combinations of AVs can leave the computer unprotected.

Avast Free generally gets the best reviews for a free package, and Kaspersky normally gets the best reviews for a paid-for AV.

Of course you can, your choice BUT, if you switch to another antivirus or antimalware windows defender will disable its real time protections, but you will still be able to scan by it.
Sure you can but know that Windows Defender is not the best free one there is. I would recommend you install Avast which is the best free one you can get.…
Yes, absolutely.
NO anti-virus will 100% protect you, so you also need to do sensible things (like not clicking on random links in email messages; or visiting dodgy websites). But MANY people find Defender on Windows 10 perfectly adequate.

• 14% of UK computers have encountered malware:…

You could if you wanted a low budget security program for your computer. Just be ready to reformat it.
Laurence I:
dont be silly. go get AVAST even the free version is well worth having.