Can I use hdmi and vga at the same time?

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Hello I have a pc that I want to connect to two monitor. One is a tv and one is a normal monitor. The tv has a hdmi port and the monitor has a vga port. My pc has both ports so I wonder if I can use both of them at the same time like dual monitor?
Ps: My pc is an Acer.
Btw the pc is window 10

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If your computer's video has that capability, yes. Some video cards allow "extended viewing", or "Mirroring" which can connect multiple monitors of any type. (There are even USB adapters that will add a monitor connection) what you need to determine is : 1. If your video can handle multiple monitors at the same time. (That also splits your VRAM between the two monitors, which could mean that you couldn't use the best resolutions, or all colors. and 2. If you have "single output" only (One monitor port is allowed to connect at a time, which is fairly rare these days), "extended viewing" , (allows the two monitors to act as a single larger desktop where the mouse can be moved between the two screens) or "video mirroring". (shows the same thing on both monitors.) Note that video sources that allow "Extended viewing" usually also allow "Mirroring", but a computer can have "Mirroring" only.
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Yes. No. Maybe. Does this phantom acer have a model number? Does it have an OS?
Why don't u try it and tell us about it !
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