Can I use copyright music and credit them in my youtube videos?

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What if I change the pitch of the music? Can I still use it then?

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Long story short:

If it's a less popular song (under 100,000 views, let's say), then use the song and credit them in the description.

If it is more popular (over 100,000 views), then it might be best to avoid using the song. Sure go ahead, you might not get caught. If the song is around 10,000,000 views or more, then chances are that artist has their songs put as copyright, and youtube videos are automatically scanned to detect the song. Some artists will get the video removed if their material is found, some might give a copyright strike, some might give a warning, or some might just mute the audio of the video. For this: I recommend simply finding a remix of said song, and then crediting the remix creator in the description.

It doesn't matter if you give credit to a large artist with a copyright on their song, it is still breaching the policy (unless it they specifically say "you can use this song if you give credit where it's due).

I hope this helps 🙂

Daniel B:
Sure you can, but you will still be violating copyright. Acknowledging the copyright owner doesn't suddenly make it legal, and it even shows that you were fully aware that the copyright was held by someone else and you used it anyway.
You have to get permission from the publishing company that holds the rights. They typically sell licenses for public use in such a way; these tend to run $80-400.
If you want to use it and be legal get the owners permission and state that in your video.


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