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There is no path from Vista to Windows 10 for an upgrade. You'd have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and pay the $119 for Windows 10. First of all, you'd need to make sure your computer/components are acceptable for Windows 10. If you bought this computer with Vista installed, you may possibly need to upgrade some components for windows 10 to run. This may cost more in the long run than if you just purchased a new computer with Windows 10 installed. Vista is 4 Windows systems removed from Windows 10, so the technology between your computer and a new computer would be very great, plus you'd have a warranty. If you shop smart, you should be able to get a new computer with Windows 10 for around $400. I spent just over $100 upgrading my original Vista desktop computer to be able to install Windows 10. I needed a new graphics card to be able to run Windows 10. Be sure to backup all personal files so you can put them back on the hard drive after you install Windows 10.
You mean "Vista", right?

It's not an upgrade; you'd have to do a new installation.

But first: If it came with Vista, it's a pretty old computer. It may not have enough memory to run Windows 10, and may not have enough processing power to run it well. There may not be a Windows 10 driver for your old video subsystem, either.

This is probably not a good idea.

Vista will continue to get security updates until April 2017, I believe. You'll be best off saving up for a new computer.

There is no upgrade path from Vista to Win 10. You will have to do a full installation over Vista. You will lose everything so back up your files first

Make sure your computer's hardware is compatible with Win 10 before you even attempt this. There are a lot of hardware device conflicts with Win 10 on older model computers. Check your audio card, video card, chipset, models to see what the manufacturer says about Win 10. If you have a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse check the manufacturer website to see if they are compatible.

If you want to take the leap, here is the link…

When did windows create Fista?
Windows Fista?


No I'm afraid you can't. You can only upgrade from 7 and 8.1, but now it costs money.

No. There is no update from vista to windows 9 or 10.
Windows Vista. I'm afraid not.
If you buy direct from microsoft they will help with a clean install. Make shure the hardware meets minimum system requirements.
Yes. Just install Gentoo.
Yeah but you would have to wipe the hard drive and download the new os. Hope this helped.