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The screen of my Acer Chromebook shattered. Is it any way to transfer the pictures to another laptop (Toshiba Chromebook)?

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Option 1.
Turn on your computer with a display cable connected between your laptop and a computer screen or a tv. If it does not automatically pop up, the keyboard sometimes has a screen button or a monitor button you need to press

option 2. get an external hard drive case and put your laptop's hard drive in it.

have your battery out and power cable disconnected.

on the underside of your laptop you should see 2 panels that have 1 or 2 screws holding them in place. Generally the larger one is the one you want to open.

after you open it, the hard drive should slide out, caution, do not touch the green board or the pieces connected to it. You only want to touch the hard drive. It will typically have a metal cover and rectangular in shape.

after you have the hard drive out, put it in the external hard drive case.

If you were properly signed in you should be able to sign in on the Toshiba and have your pictures and everything back that's what a Chromebook is all about no need to transfer stuff it's already synced to google drive
If it is usable enough to see what you are doing to transfer them, then yes. Otherwise you'd either have to get the laptop screen repaired or transfer the hard drive
See if you can get anything to display using an external monitor or HDTV. If not, you could remove its hard drive and connect to another computer with an external drive caddy or proper enclosure for the drive type, if not internally. Most drives in the past 10 years or so are SATA.
Chromebook ? Probably not! But any important files will be in your backup copy that you make every week…!