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Hi, Im building a PC and a lot of people have recommended a SSD drive for faster bootup time. At the moment my budget can not afford this but I can upgrade in the future. If I installed windows 10 to my HD drive and then got a SSD drive (Id still keep the HD one) is it possible to transfer windows 10 to the SSD?

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It's not simple if the SSD is smaller than the HD.

If you plan on doing this, install your HDD with 2 partitions. A 100gb drive that you install Windows on, and 900GB drive for "everything else". Reason is it's easier to move a small partition to a larger one. So you can clone your 100gb C drive to a 120-240 gb SSD, then expand the partition to use the whole SSD. Once that's working you can use utilities to remove the old C drive partition, and add the space to your D drive.

Or, just reinstall windows etc on the SSD. It's often simpler.

len again:
Reputable SSD manufacturers have a free download and use of there SSD migration (clone) software ..
( The free software is not universal and only works with one of there drives !)

Western digital , Sea Gate etc .

Yes it is. Use Seagate's free software. See link
You can buy external enclosure with software to clone your HD. I got one from Best Buy a year or so ago.