Can i put wifi in my motorhome where i live?

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First of all, you'd need to have your mother sign up for it. (You claim to be a 14 years old girl and as such can not sign a contract with an internet provider)

Now I'll answer the actual question. Yes she can. If you are in a park, most have cable TV, or at least a phone line available for each space. It is a simple thing to contact the internet provider and begin service. If not in a park, it still can be done, but will require a wireless internet service.

I use AT&T as my ISP (internet service provider) via a little device called the AT&T UNITE. It works anywhere in the U.S., or Canada where I can get an AT&T phone signal. The UNITE is a combination wireless router and wireless modem.

Wi-Fi is often confused with wireless internet here. They are NOT the same thing. Wi-Fi is only a wireless network (through a wireless router) that connects wireless devices to other wireless devices. If one of those other devices is a modem, the modem can be connected to the internet and thus share the connection with all devices in the network.

Yes, no problem.

Note, though, that having wifi is just a substitute for a few feet of ethernet cable. It doesn't give you an internet connection.

You can get an internet connection, though, either through satellite ISP or, depending on location, cell service providers.

Master Of Puppets:
Yes, just buy a wireless router and you'll have Wi-Fi.

Getting an actual Internet connection is another story.

If you want to, yes.