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Is there a way I can make my own WiFi? Without paying for it monthly? I mean, someone did.

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WiFi has nothing to do with the internet, it's just a method of connecting devices together like Ethernet is. Yes you can make your own wifi, all you need is a cheap WiFI router (starting at about £15.00 for a really basic new one, or cheaper on eBay). You can even use the WiFI in your Laptop, or most other devices to make a network.

If you want internet you will have to pay a ISP for a monthly subscription cost and this will typically be over the phone lines, cable or fibre optic.

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Tracy L:
No one has to pay monthly for WIFI. However, you have to understand that wifi is just a wireless method of connecting to a network, it simply replaces the need to use a cable to connect to the network. The network has to connect to the internet if you want to use the internet. Thus WIFI is NOT INTERNET. Any simple wifi router will supply you a wifi connection. Then you are connected to a network. They start under $25.00 and you only pay ONCE. You still do not have internet… you need the router to be connected to an ISP.

You need an ISP which supplies an internet connection. Some ISP's use cellular to supply the connection, some use wifi to supply the connection, some use cable, some use phone lines. However, all of them have to pay to get a connection to the internet and share that with the users. Since there is expense involved that expense is shared by those wishing to use the system. There is a charge for that expense. Otherwise no one would have internet connections at all!
Some city governments have tried to make city wifi systems that people can use but have found out they have to pay lots of $$$ to support that system. Most now charge monthly fees even on city wifi!

Before you ask a question like this, you need to understand that WiFi is simply an alternative to Ethernet for connecting devices to a wireless router. If you have several devices connected to a wireless router, then you can transfer data between them. For example, you could have a file server connected to the router by Ethernet, and laptops, tablets etc connected by WiFi streaming music or even movies from the file server.

You can get a reasonable but basic wireless router for around $30 US. You can buy it outright.

Since you have not mentioned Internet access as a requirement, do I assume that you want only a local private network. If you want legal Internet access, then you are going to have to pay for that, which will involve some form of ongoing payments.

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Wifi just uses an existing internet connection to throw a signal out for devices to use. There is no wifi without an Internet Service Provider. Tethering by a cell phone isn't wifi, either.
WiFi is just a way of connecting to your internet connection (that you pay for).
if someone near you has an open (no password) WiFi, you can use it, but you cannot have your own WiFi signal without paying for the service.
You certainly can make your own WiFi, but without an internet service provider, you will not have access to the internet. However, you will have a locale area network so that devices can connect to each other locally.
If you simply want to create your own WiFi Hotspot from your PC,
Open CMD as Administrator and Type:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=(networkName) key=(password)
Press Enter

Then Type:
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Yes, but wifi just means you can connect to a network, if you wish that network to have internet, you still have to pay for that unless you connect to someone else wifi who is paying for it.
You can use your phone as a wifi or connect your modem with wifi device.
Steal others' wifi password to use?