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So i live on a farm.. people came to look and said the signal is too weak for wifi. But we have celuar data tho.. the say we live in a dip where there is no signal for wifi. Is that true or can you get wifi at any place ??

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That could well be the case. Wifi networks and cellular data networks are different things, though you can often get to the internet network through your phone.

It's a matter of whether anyone has created a wifi site within range of you picking it up, which it seems isn't the case.

You could have internet provided through your landline, to which you connect via a router.

WiFi and access to the Internet are two different things.

If you have coverage for a cellular phone service, and that particular service offers Internet access, then you can use that to access the Internet. If you have a modern smart cellular phone, it should have a hotspot capability that will provide WiFi. Other devices, such as a laptop can connect by WiFi to the phone, and from there use the cellular network to reach the Internet.

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If you can obtain a wired connection and a router, then yes, you can setup wifi – Alternatively, you may be able to get satellite internet, or use an unlimited data plan and tether with your phone.
Yes, you can but you need a wifi thing that uses cellular data so it can connect.
If you have Cell Data, you can pay for a Hotspot. If you do, I recommend getting unlimited Data, as you will basicly have WiFi.
Admiral Smith:
Hughes Satellite internet
You can buy a router and have Wifi – EASY. But, that router needs to be connected to the Internet to be useful. How are you going to do that??
choose the place where the WiFi signal is good.After that you can get WiFi.
Boris 24:
Call ISP and ask them for air card,It can give you internet fo one computer at any place of the world.It costs around $60/month.