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If you have a legal copy of Windows 7, you can receive extended support updates until Jan 14, 2020
You can download the update from the Windows Update catalog (currently only usable with Internet Explorer) and manually install the MSU (again, stop the Windows Update service before doing a double click on the MSU) to have a Windows 7 which is up to date. Now try to check on for new updates in Windows Update, and it should be faster because it has a much newer update base and Windows Update should detect the missing updates easier.
dorothy s:
I got a forced download from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I love it. Contact your Broadband provider and you might get a free download/upgrade to Windows 10.
Yes. But set it to automatic, manual is useless lately.
if only if you have window provider supports other wise its illigal ways
yes, if its a legit copy.