Can I get hacked after removing a virus?

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So I recently removed a virus and I am scared of losing data/log info. Am I over exaggerating or what?

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As you later mention it was from Game Trainers. In all likelihood it was a false positive. The way trainers and other software hacks affect other programs frequently gets flagged by an Anti-Virus. As the behavior is similar to that of a virus or other malicious software. Then again they could be Trojan Horses masquerading as legitimate trainers. That's more of a judgement call based on knowledge and experience.
You're probably being overly paranoid. Which "virus" did you remove? Was it an actual virus, or was it just malware. What did it do? Have you done a restore back to a previous point before it happened?
If your PC is unsafe and insecure, then it is liable to be affected by viruses, malware, and hacking. You have been attacked (successfully). What have you done to improve the security of your PC since then?
Have you installed Windows 10? Why not!!
don't worry you can always do system restore 🙂 cheers 🙂