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I recently bought a razer keyboard. I just realize that there is another keyboard of razer that is better for only $5 and I was wonder can I return it and get full price back even the $20 for the 2 year warranty? I just bought the keyboard today if I could I would return it tomorrow and get the new one.

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yes you can return it if you just bought it, i think best buy's return policy you can take it back within 7 days (might be more) for a refund.

make sure that you pack it back up with all the packageing, box and anything else it came with and take the recipt back when you return it.

I work at Best Buy. I've emailed all return desk associates about your actions tomorrow. We'll be on the lookout. -BBcoolGuy91
Many places, have a return policy, call them and ask.
Ask them, not us. But probably NO.