Can I easily hack a wifi password?

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Since you have to ask on this site, no, you can't easily "hack" a wifi password.
Smokies Hiker:
This question is against Yahoo's Terms of Service to discuss in this format. Hacking is serious and against the law.
Jhon Carter:
No it’s not possible to get password of any wifi, online available software only make fool you.
i already answered in your first question… the answer is still "no"
no … this is no possibler
i already answered in your first question……… the answer is still "no"
follow this method called "Go ask them".
Type of Network

WEP > easy 2 minutes
WPA with WPS enable > 6 hours
WPA without WPS > 1000 days or more
WPA2 with Evil Twin > 1 minute or imposible is fishing method

not if your asking here. most networks are protected by wpa2 aes encryption so basically cant be cracked not in a very very long time. wep or wpa+wps could be cracked in under a day or so. but helping people commit crimes happens to be illegal and against the terms of service here so i am reporting it.