Can I downgrade form windows 10 to 7?

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My laptop came with windows 8 but I upgraded to windows 7 but everything is blurry and I can't deal with that.. I've tried everything and nothing's changed.. So I've decided to downgrade to 7 cause I hate it possible?

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jenise: Please re-read your question. You might want to re-write it because it's very confusing.
Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows 7 in 2020. That's just 4 years away. You might not want to downgrade to 7. Windows 10 is quite workable, however.

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Two problems:

1) Your question makes no sense at all – you said you've already "upgraded" to Windows 7, and now you want help in "downgrading" from Windows 10 to Windows 7. Which is it?

2) Are you seriously going to abandon an entire operating system instead of just updating your video drivers? Do you sell your car because the mirrors need adjusting?

For a price you can do anything you want. But the operating system is not your problem. you have a Hardware problem that needs to be fixed.
You should also get your eyes checked, you may need Glasses.