Can I buy a laptop and never carry it anywhere and never use batteries (directly plug in) and treat it as if it were a desktop?

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Norman: Sure. People do that all the time. However realize that a laptop is always less powerful then a desktop, can not be upgraded and cost more. They also tend not to last as long. Cramming all those components into such a tiny space tends to cause them to burn out sooner.

If you are not going to move the unit, you are probably going to be ahead getting a desktop. But there is nothing to prevent you from using a laptop in only one place like that.

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If space is a question or you just prefer to have things neat why not. There is NO need to have the battery connected (but it would be a good idea as it acts as a reserve power supply should there be a power outage) It saves on electricity as there is no need for an additional monitor ect ect.

With todays hardware the negative side to a laptop (performance, connection, cost) are negligible. In fact the price of a good laptop are the same as a good desktop except for the desktop you still need to buy a monitor on top! (So the laptop is cheaper)

Hello Norman,

Laptop / Notebook computers have power that always runs through the battery. Often, leaving them connected to the mains, may reduce the life of the battery.

If you really do not need portability, you should choose what is known as a desktop or tower computer. These are characterised by having more powerful components compared with laptops, and so have better performance for your money.

Desktops do not contain a battery and for best protection you would be advised to invest in a UPS ("Uninterruptible Power Supply"). This is because a power outage or indeed any sudden loss of power for whatever reason, can damage the computer. A UPS is an anti-serge unit containing an emergency battery to power your computer long enough for you to safely shut it down if there is a power outage.

I hope this helps.



Sure, but I'm not sure what the point would be. If you don't plan on taking it anywhere, you should save yourself some money and just get a desktop instead. A desktop will most likely have expansion slots and the ability to upgrade components further down the line, whereas a laptop's upgrade potential would be limited at best.
That is a strange idea. Laptops are underpowered in every area of hardware compared to a desktop. I cannot think of a single valid reason for buying a laptop that you plan on using as a desktop.
Yes. Although a desktop has some advantages, a laptop has a built-in UPS, and you can carry it if you ever need to.
Yes, you can even add a monitor and a keyboard+mouse and you have a Full desktop pc and a laptop !
Andy T:
Sure you can, I am doing it now. But few machines starting with the very old Apple II Portable (or maybe original PowerBook?) would not let you run without battery inserted. Those are few but I don't know which.
Smokies Hiker:
Of course you could. And if you ever did decide to do this, make sure you get a "UPS" ( uninterrupted power supply ) in case there should ever be a power outage when the laptop was in use. You could lose files if the computer was turned on and running when there was a power outage and the OS or files became corrupted.
You certainly can! However, I don't see why you can't just buy a desktop. They are much more powerful and better suited to your needs.