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I have uploaded files into Google Drive.My
questions are as follows:-

1) Can anyone hack my Google Drive ?

2) I have my account with Google so it has my Password. Is it possible for Google to have access to my files?

I am worried about Online theft like hacking etc.

Other answer:

Your files are on Googles servers, hence they have access to them, and technically they could be accessed (hacked ) by anyone that either gained control of Google's servers, or got your user name and password. A security breach of YOUR computer is MUCH more likely because Google are running hardened Linux servers and a whole team of network and security geeks looking after them. You are running Windows, browsing random web pages and opening emails. So it's much more likely your machine might pick up a remote access trojan and give away your info.

There are things you can do like using 2 step verification. This means that if you (or someone else) want to use your account from a new device, Google will txt an extra code to your phone that needs to be entered to enable access from that device. If the hacker doesn't have your phone, they don't get the txt, and they don't get access. If you get a new PC, or want to access your files from some place else, you get a text in about 30 sec and can get in.

Anything you put on the internet or the 'cloud' – tech support can get into if they want or need to. No different than your doctor having access to your health records – or – your accountant having access to your financial records.

If your password is weak – anyone who is determined can and will get in.

Here is where most people shoot themselves in the foot. If you are an online gamer and like to flame, rant, and piss off tons of other people while playing games…….. they will find you. ESPECIALLY if you use the same log in name and password on your google account as the forums, cheat, code, and hint web sites that are privately owned. Let's say you pissed someone off at Game A…….. you dont know it, but, they are a volunteer moderator at a forum dedicated to Game A…… they look up your Game A name and BINGO, you are using it at the forum – and they can see your password. So – they try it Game A…….. it works. A few days later you give someone your google email address in zone chat……now they test that password at your goggle account – and they are in!!!!

Sure, nobody has time to remember 50 different passwords. But you CAN make one very nice password and add a special character in the middle like @. Then every few months change the @ to % or some other character.

I would like to explain with an example:
Let’s say, for example, you leave your Gmail account logged in on your PC and forget to lock Windows when you go to lunch. People do this all the time, and it gives anyone who wanders by access to not only your email but also Drive – and anything else you do through Google. Drive does not automatically log users out after a period of inactivity, something a highly secure service would do.
1) Yes, your google drive uses your google account, so if that is compromised then they should be able to log-in as you and access your Gdrive. Make sure you have a strong password and I highly recommend turning on 2-step authentication (a random, temp code will be required along with your password which makes it much much harder to gain access)

2) Potentially yes. This comes down to a matter of trust. Do you trust Google as a company? This, only you can answer. If you're paranoid, encrypt your files before uploading, or even better don't upload ultra sensitive stuff onto the cloud. Encrypt them and store them locally.

Of course it can. It's naive to think otherwise.
And don't think Google won't hand over details to others then call it a hack. Yahoo did just that to half a billion account holders. It wasn't hackers or Russians who compromised those accounts but Yahoo in connivance with others
any online account is open to being 'hacked'.

like the recent 500 million yahoo account details that where 'hacked' and stolen 2 years ago and only just finding out,

google is open to being hacked, infact it get's attempts to be hacked probably more than any other email company.

if you have sensitive data, best to encrypt it before uploading or storaing on 'the cloud' or online storage mediums.

unless you are a high profile target or famious or make yourself a target, chances of your account being hacked are slim.

1. If you use strong alphanumeric password, then almost no one can hack your Google password. Enable Google 2-Step Verification – (click "Get Started" button at top right) and you'll be asked to enter code received on your smartphone & Google password. Since hacker doesn't have access to your smartphone, your Google account is extra secure

2. No, Google doesn't look into your files. Only in extreme cases if you're suspected to be involved in illegal activities related to terrorism, money laundering, spoofing, etc then Govt will send request to Google to access your account & investigate into it…

How many admins do these companies employ? It only takes one bad admin and all your data can become public or get deleted. Apart from the obvious risk of hacking