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If so, how?

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If the PC desktop doesn't have in-built wifi, then you need to provide it thru a USB device. Find a USB wifi dongle and use that.
Taco Dance:
Yes. You can install an eternal wifi adapter or a USB wifi adapter, which would be easier for the average person.
Of course it can… why would it not?

You can use an internal PCI wifi adapter, or an external USB wifi dongle. Install the hardware and drivers as directed in the package instructions, and there you go.

Laurence I:
the same way all the others get it, either with an add on card or with a usb stick. the add on cards vary according to what type of add on card SLOT(Pci or PCI-ex1 or Pci-ex4) you have spare inside the pc. thats why a usb stick is simpler but less reliable less powerful and doesnt have the areals so sometimes they have extension lead so you can move them to better reception.
Yes, you can either get a PCI or PCI express Wi-Fi card. Or if you want the easiest solution there are cheap USB Wi-Fi adapters both in stores and online.
You could always use a wifi dongle, or card.
yes, if you have WIFI adapter in that.
It more matters who made the computer than what OS it is running.