Can a vpn hide data usage from a isp ?

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george w:
A VPN still passes data through the ISP, and as such it will come out of any specific monthly data allowance you might have. Most VPNs add a small amount of extra data to the amount you would use without the VPN due to the extra overheads incurred by encryption; however, some VPNs also compress the encrypted data for certain types of file. Web pages and other text based files can be compressed. Unfortunately the data type that will use most of the allowance is video files. These are already compressed and any compression offered by the VPN does not reduce the amount of data any further.

So, NO, a VPN will NOT hide data usage from an ISP.

Smokies Hiker:
No. You can't hide anything from your ISP. They keep a record of every link your computer Static IP address opens up. This record keeping is required by the government for an unspecified length of time because of what happened on September 11, 2001 in case information is needed for an investigation.
Lucius T Fowler:
You mean, your ISP won't charge you the Gigabytes used? Nope. A VPN only provides encryption and the recipient will not know where your traffic originated from, but you need someone to connect up with the VPN. You'll be charged anyway.
communications over the internet is like sending/receiving a letter
1st you have the envelope – that contains the person you are sending the letter to , and your address on the back (so the recipient will know who its from and act accordingly

Inside the envelope is the letter you are sending

vpn does not encrypt the envelope info – it encrypts the letter inside the envelope Since the recipient knows its from you, it knows its encrypted and uses the appropriate decryption
(be aware – internet monitors may not be able to read your "letter" at 1st but the fact that you are using vpn will set off alarm bells. All they have to do then is contact your isp to set up a link in parallel with yours and they will be able to monitor what you are sending/receiving)

Think about it
if you encrypt the envelope info nobody would have a clue where to send it, or who it came from
(communication over the internet is not point to point – it must be routed by intermediate servers to the next appropriate one so as to arrive at the correct destination, but to do that they MUST know where you are sending it)

and THAT means your ISP knows who is sending the "letter" and who to book the data usage

Jeremy I:
Yes and no. VPN is encrypted, so the ISP might not be aware of what data is being passed at every point of your transactions…. But ALL data, encrypted or not, goes through your ISP.
A VPN will hide what you are doing not the fact your doing it. it will mask the data ffom your isp sl they cant tell what your doing but it doesnt get around the fact your doing it. so instead of them seing 5gb xof video they see 5gb of trafic. but its still 5gb
Terry D:
No the ISP will still see the number of bytes transferred each way and charge you accordingly.