Can a local computer be the Host to 5 computers? Can a MAC Host PC's?

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Quote :- Can a MAC Host PC's?
Reply :- I should not think so they are two different operating system. it would be one or the other all windows or all Mac Now if you installed Linux on you pc's that would be different story Linux will read and write all operating systems files
If you mean as the primary controller in a network, either the Mac OS, or Windows can be used to share files with each other. If using compatible programs, (Word as an example in MS, or freeware, cloned versions.)
the files may be transferred and worked on by multiple people on multiple machines. There are even ways to collaborate on projects in a cross network and cross platform situation.

The moron who spouts about Linux being the only OS to use is spouting BS. He periodically gets turned in for spamming and total misinformation in his "answers".

What do you mean by host? What do you want to achieve? Any version of OS X can be used to share files across systems with SMB…

If the Mac is running the OS X Server there will be more options….…

As OS X is built on top of a full Unix system there is no need to degrade either computer by installing Linux.

yes on both
Yes, Please try with a network expert.