Can a computer programmer afford a lambo?

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Yes, an experienced well-paid programmer can get a Lambo, but will have to sacrifice almost all other spending to be able to pay the insurance and the car loan. Living on beans on toast for 5 years should do it.
IN the 1980's, yes.

In the 1990's, with financing.

In the 2000's, once they reached the level of a Senior Programmer or Project Lead, they could finance it if they were married and their partner also had a white-collar job.

In the 2010's, only if you are a startup entrepeneur with a wildly successful product. Otherwise you're treated like a glorified I.T. technician and are lucky to crest $55,000/year.

They're not going to give you a job because you want a lambogini
Yes. But not if he wants to afford a house as well.