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how to build a web site

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Someone can ask, "How would I build a bookstore?"

Well, first you have to find a property with a good location. Oh, but you interrupt and say you already bought the building.

So, I start telling you how to build the bookshelves, and you say you already have those — you just have to buy the books.

So, are you starting from scratch, or do you just want to sign up with a free host and use a template that they provide to fill in your content?

Is it for a business, or do you just want to list your favorite movies?

Your question is very complex and asked here a couple hundred times and Yahoo! Search has tons of answers.

You learn HTML, CSS and put them together, you get a website and a host and upload the files to them and wham, you have a site.

There are various options available for you to build a website.
You may hire the service of a web designer or web developer.
You can learn the coding by yourself. Learn HTML, CSS, JAVA, a database query language like mysql and probably a server side language like PHP,
You can also build a website making use of a content management system like WordPress, Joomla and other
It sounds like you aren't very technical so you should probably just to to an online site builder like WIX or something similar.
Definitely possible for you, I suggest reading a book (wow, they still make those?) on HTML and CSS to start.
W3C schools has a good HTML program.
learn php, html, css, only after this you can do something good
Yes, it can be done! Do you have a question?
why you talk to this ?