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I've been asked to build a website by an auto and machine shop. What would be the best website to use? It's an auto parts store with many different inventory items.
Including money transactions and possible output shipping. thanks

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Why did they ask you to build a website when you don't know the first thing about building websites?
Robert J:
Register a suitable domain with any standard web hosting company.
They should provide a server to use for the site as part of the package.

Download "Zencart", copy it on to the web server using an FTP program then configure it as per the installation instructions.

Totally free and a superb web shop system. We've used it for our company for several years.

There is a mass of online help if you get stuck, plus a really good user forum for any questions you cannot find answers to.

[A good free FTP program for uploading stuff to a web server: ]

Lieutenant Uhura:
You're in way over your head here and it is bound to turn out badly. Do yourself a favor and pay Wix or WordPress to put it together for you.
Leye Witness News:
None of the standard web site builders will do all that. You will need to learn html, css, javascript, php and the mysql database. You need to use the database for user and site security, and to control the stock.Then you will need to register it with a recognised payment gateway to handle the money transactions. You will need to incorporate the gateway scripts they give you into your site to handle the accepted and rejected payments and take appropriate action on rejection.
Godaddy, Wix and many other hosts have great off the shelf packages. Visit each one and see which fulfills your needs.
I mean it's pretty obvious to me… if it's not obvious to you, maybe you should think about doing something else.